Easy Breathe -Protective Reusable Mask


Easy Breathe is a blend of innovation that balances the level of protection and breathing resistance. These face masks are definitely extraordinary in their nature, yet they are super manageable and preservable owing to their natural fabric, cotton.


Technical Details
Fabric Cotton Based
Re-usable Yes
Water repellent Yes
Easy washing Yes
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Supersoft fabric made from cotton and polyester fabric. Prevent water droplets to pass through their surface. Equipped with antimicrobial finishes obtained from the natural source. Soft ear loops which cause no pain. Reusable and washable up to 30 times. Completely safe and, hygienic to use. Suits fashion and aesthetics. Provides full comfort and can be easily worn for longer hours. Comes with a protective, reusable pouch to safely rest the mask while eating.


Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Yellow


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