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About Us

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We are Singla Engravures, a 25 year old company, primarily involved in the packaging business. We own a diverse presence all over India and have customers from every corner of the country. The sole reason to make a difference in this business lies in the market itself. Looking at the compulsions of wearing a face mask, we thought of designing one which would not only be a protective shield against infections, but also comfortable to wear and breathe. Pursuing similar thoughts, we reached out to the Department of Textile Technology, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar to put life into this thought. There, we got an honour to join hands with two of their prominent researchers – Dr. Vinay Midha – Professor & Head of the Department of Textile Technology and Dr. A. Mukhoapdhayay, Professor of the Department of TextileTtechnology to help us in shaping this idea. After performing enormous research clubbed with years of expertise, Easy Breathe was born – an eco-friendly community face mask which provides protection from coming in contact with the virus and stands alone in its properties of being extremely comfortable and easy to wear. Entering into the B2C market for the first time, we proudly own the patent of manufacturing these masks. This brain child solely belongs to us and as mentioned earlier, it’s based on an entirely new technology which has not been developed anywhere in the world.