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The entire globe is fighting against the pandemic – COVID-19 with the count of people survived changing every second. The dynamic nature of the coronavirus is not unknown and every nation, government, and individual is doing his bit to prevent it. From imposing lockdowns to following the norms of social distancing, the nations are progressing in this battle. This global outbreak of the pandemic has made humans realise their affinity towards adjusting to any change.

 A part of new normal – the necessity of wearing face masks, has now become one of the several indispensable precautions to contain the further spread of Coronavirus in the communities. 

However, habituating to wear face masks comes with several discomforts of its own, especially related to breathing and hygiene. But that has to do with the making and design of these masks which are not intended to provide the required comfort to those wearing them. A lot of companies are manufacturing thousands of masks as we speak, but not all of them are focussing on offering ‘comfort’ along with those masks. That’s where Easy Breathe comes into the picture!

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“Easy Breathe community face masks are definitely an eco-friendly innovation in the history of facemasks. Their ‘water repellant’ quality makes them one of their kinds. Not only are they designed considering the health and hygiene of the wearer, but they also provide a significant amount of protection from the bacteria and viruses around them. Made from natural fabric, cotton, they are light at the surface and easy to manage. One can wear them for prolonged hours, unlike ordinary face masks. Therefore, wearing Easy Breathe face masks will give you a triple-fold confidence, i.e., in protection, comfort and efficiency.”

Dr Vinay Midha, Professor & Head Department of Textile Technology, Dr B R Ambedkar, NITJalandhar, CEO, Meditex Industries Pvt. Ltd

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Dr A Mukhoapdhayay, Professor, Department of Textile Technology, Dr B R Ambedkar, NIT Jalandhar

“We are living in the era of COVID-19, which makes us vulnerable to weakened immune systems by exposure to the virus. If you are looking for complete protection from this virus, the Easy Breathe community face mask can be trusted. With their breathable cotton fabric and the ability to not let water droplets pass, they are suitable for our current environment. Everyone is seeking protection from the virus, but relying on any face mask is not enough. We need something more than that. These face masks can definitely be trusted for their quality, hygiene and affordability. Unlike ordinary face masks, they are non-sticky and washable up to 30 times.”

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